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    How To Enter 

    First you will need to create an account if you don't have one yet. Click "Create Account" on the left of this page, follow the instructions, and return here when your account has been created.


    Then, you will need one of the following viewers;


  • Windows client
  • Mac (Intel) client
  • Linux client 32 bit / 64 bit

    (You may need to allow a pop ups to download these)


     Next, follow the directions below for setting up a viewer on your desktop. These are for the Hippo Viewer, but they are about the same for Meerkat and Emerald.


    Please be aware that, for now, the avatar for new accounts is the original Ruth character, and you will need to create body parts and clothes from your inventory folder menu, and then wear them before you can edit that default avatar or her clothes. You can also change the avatar's gender only after you create and wear a new shape to edit.


    the Hippo Viewer, Meerkat and Emerald all let you type in or choose to add custom grids like Virtual Worlds College into a grid box through a menu.

    The login uri That you will need to type into the Add Grid box is:





     Click on the pictures to get larger clearer images as you follow the instructons below. Right click on them and choose "open link in new window" if you prefer.



    Find the little blue Hippo on your desktop and double click it. (Other viewers will have their own icon)



    Click on the "Grid" button



     At the top of the menu that pops up, click the add button



    Type http://www.vwc.selfip.net:8002 or http://www.myronjc.webhop.net:8002 into the Login URI box at the top of the menu,

    Choose a grid nickname you will remember and type it in the nickname box,

    Then click apply, and ok.



    Fill in your account user first name, Last name, and password, then click "Login"

    Your there!

    And you are in! Welcome to our  campus!



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